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Our pricing plans

  • Orchestrator Open Source

    per 1M token
    • Domain-based Init: Quick start with pre-defined domains.
    • Custom Dataset Init: Personalize with your dataset.
    • Model Usage Control: Manage each model's usage limits.
    • Cost and speed aware optimization
    • Budget Setting: Define daily spending limits.
    • Best open-source performance on LLM benchmarks
  • Orchestrator Mix

    per 1M token
    • Same features of open source orchestrator, plus
    • Combine open-source and proprietary models
    • Best performace on LLM benchmarks, achieving and beyond GPT4
  • Fine-tuning

    per 1M token
    • New Expert Development: Tailor-make experts for unique needs
    • Orchestrator Optimization: Improve expert selection accuracy
    • Seamless Upgrade: Boost performance with no workflow changes
    • Post fine-tuning price same as other orchestrators

For on-prem usage, please contact us!

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