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The Leeroo Orchestrator selects the most effective expert LLMs tailored to your specific needs, offering a seamless interface that handles all optimizations in the background. Our platform provides accessible SaaS endpoints, including Completion and Finetuning Endpoints, for easy integration and optimization. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support for integration with leading AI cloud providers and deliver robust On-Premises Installations.

Completion Endpoint

Streamlining AI Interactions

Initialize the Orchestrator Your Way:

  • Domain-Based Initialization: Quickly start with pre-defined domains (e.g., Mathematics, Customer Support, Medicine) including a 'generic' option for versatility.

  • Custom Dataset Initialization: Tailor the Orchestrator with your own dataset for a personalized setup.

Optimize with Key Configuration Options:

  • Max Model Usage: Cap the use of any model (e.g., limit GPT4 to 2% of all inputs) for efficient resource management.

  • Budget Control: Set a daily spending limit to keep costs in check, either overall or per specific expert.

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Finetune Endpoint

Tailoring AI for Precision and Efficiency

Elevate Performance with Finetuning:

  • Developing New Experts: Overcome limitations by creating experts for unique inputs not addressed by existing models.

  • Ultra-Efficient Experts: Reduce reliance on large, costly models by finetuning for cost-effective expert solutions.

  • Optimize the Orchestrator: Refine the Orchestrator's expert selection for improved accuracy and efficiency.

Seamless Integration for Superior Results:

  • Designed for simplicity, the finetuning process enhances the Orchestrator's capabilities without complicating your workflow, ensuring optimal performance 'under the hood'.

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Support AI cloud providers

Leeroo models are ready to run on Amazon SageMaker and EC2 using VLLM, with plans to expand to other cloud providers. Ideal for data scientists and companies needing seamless cloud integration, especially when handling sensitive data.

On-Premises Installations

For ultimate customization, control, and security, bring Leeroo models directly into your infrastructure. This option is perfect for organizations with strict data residency requirements or those demanding the highest degree of control over their data environments.

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