Top performance, reliable AI in your hands

Reliably own top-tier generative AI models tailored to your use cases using our multi-model LLM building system
Trusted by Developers at +200 Companies

We build cutting-edge AI multi-model systems by composing domain experts

We deliver superior AI performance and minimal latency using Leeroo Orchestrator, a core technology of our system. It predicts LLM expert knowledge and selects the best fit for your query.

Filling the Gap in GenAI

Through careful traffic observation of AI applications, Leeroo builds fine-tuned LLM experts for high-demand domains.

Elevate with AI Multi-Model Systems

We build AI multi-model systems by developing efficient LLM experts and orchestrating them for significant performance boosts.

Own Your Model Reliably

Gradually increase ownership while ensuring quality. Leeroo Orchestator maintains inference reliability, avoiding irrelevant generations.

Perpetual Uptime

Utilizing Leeroo multi-model capability, it efficiently eliminates outage and high latency by distributing traffic across multiple experts.

Streamlined Evaluation

You can readily establish your application's evaluation policy and apply it to generations of AI model with ease.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy your optimized Leeroo models wherever you choose, with any cloud AI platforms.


Own AI with highest quality and optimal cost without an AI team

We offer three distinct options tailored to various enterprise needs:
Leeroo Dedicated: Increased ownership with same quality.
Leeroo Ultra: Enhanced quality at comparable costs.
Leeroo Light: Reduced inference costs without losing quality.

Leading the Way in AI Multi-Model Systems

Unlocking AI's Potential with Multi-Model Systems

We build AI multi-model systems by training an LLM-based orchestrator to estimate the knowledge of LLMs. Our Orchestrator V1 has delivered:
1. State-of-the-art open-source LLM, surpassing Mixtral 7B with similar inference cost
2. Outperforming GPT4 at a fraction of the cost


Easily Develop, Monitor, and Evaluate AI applications​

Leeroo enables effortless creation of high-performance AI apps without prior engineering expertise. We offer various evaluation and monitoring metrics for better model comprehension, along with flexible training and deployment choices.

Our solution for you

Leeroo Platform


In the Leeroo Platform, we monitor the traffic of your AI application and provide you with Leeroo models that enhance performance, optimize costs, and increase ownership. Through our evaluation module, you can easily monitor the generations of your AI model.

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Leeroo Bonus

Plus, Leeroo enables effortless creation of top-performing multi-model RAG assistants, and giving ownership flexibility.