About Leeroo

Our Mission

Leeroo ensures AI is open and accessible to all, while continuously enhancing its capabilities. We champion the idea that businesses should own AI models tailored to their unique data and workflows. Achieving this through the development of specialized, efficient domain-specific models and learning how to compose them effectively, we aim to reshape the future of work and knowledge advancement.

Leeroo Team

Our values


Excelling at our craft, we strive to be unrivaled in our expertise.


Guided by empathy, we actively support and uplift everyone around us.


Focused on positive change, we seek improvements for mutual benefit.


Clarity and openness in every action, fostering trust and understanding.

Science First

In the words of Richard Feynman, 'If it disagrees with experiment, it's wrong.' Our approach is firmly rooted in evidence and scientific inquiry.


Rooted in truthfulness, our integrity shapes reliable, ethical interactions.

Work with Leeroo

Leeroo operates at the intersection of research and business, boasting a team of top AI scientists and engineers dedicated to building efficient, high-performing AI models for developers and enterprises.